Welcome to deepTradeBot, a unique fusion of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. 

deepTradeBot is a trading robot that makes profit from the margin of digital assets prices, on various trading platforms, making the maximum from the slightest changes in the world market. 

Today, the robot has 4 trading modes. Each of them becomes active at the right time, and allows to stay on top regardless of the current market situation: 

- High frequency trading. Analyses price sensitivity on the platforms by their order books, that can not be tracked by eye. To do this, the bot collects every change in the order book and evaluates the relative probability of price movement up or down; 

- Arbitrage trading. The simplest model, always available, but making a yield of 5% to 15%. It always provides additional insurance if other strategies yield less than average; 

- Algorithmic trading based on technical indicators; 

- Trading with the help of fundamental analysis. Taking into account news “stuffing” through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Using its artificial intelligence system, the bot continuously analyses millions of official comments from trading platforms, regulators, founders and key persons of crypto projects like criticism or support, who create a positive or negative news background with their statements. These statements in turn have a direct impact on the prices and trading volumes. 

Automatic news keywords parsers allow us to evaluate the potential news impulse from a specific source. It's based on statistic data about the news impact on prices and trading volumes. 

Why does our solution work? 

The three main advantages of deepTradeBot, that allow us not only to survive in a highly competitive environment, but to be leaders in the industry are risk insurance, a holistic approach and low commissions. 

All this allows you to significantly reduce commission costs and increase profitability from trading.  A large trading volume on exchanges opens the opportunity to receive low trading commissions: the higher the trading volume is, the lower the commission on leading trading platforms, such as, for example, Binance; Thus, thanks to margin trading and lending on a larger volume, our bot generates profits even in cases where there is little volatility and insignificant arbitrage opportunities on the market.

Trading Bots Specifications

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PowerTrade PairsTrade Balance (min/max)Rental priceInfo
MiniBot 5 NFS54(+4)15 USD*/250 USD*Free!More Info
StandartBot 10 NFS10(+2)6(+4)45 USD*/700 USD*10 USD*More Info
ProBot 15 NFS15(+5)8(+6)100 USD*/2500 USD*25 USD*More Info
NetPremium 40 NFS40(+5)12(+6)1000 USD*/10000 USD*45 USD*More Info
* - Please remember that cryptocurrency amounts are calculated during the transaction pre-processing by internal system rates.

Each trading bot that we provide has a balanced ratio of computing power and the number of trading pairs, which allows you to get optimal profit based on given trading conditions.

The computing power of the neural network is a complex coefficient that includes and takes into account the following parameters:

  • The amount of processor time that is provided to the robot instance
  • The number of neural network layers used to calculate trading strategies, as well as the number of individual network nodes involved in total
  • The number of network resources that are provided by the neural network for reading and analyzing source data.

Note that the power provided for each bot can be floating (in the robot data table this is indicated by the symbol “+”). If necessary, the peak power may increase by the value indicated in parentheses. It is also important to remember that the source data includes both current offers and courses on the main trading exchanges, as well as historical data and data from news channels.

Thus, we deduced a special parameter, which we call NeuroFLOPS (abbreviated as NFS), which reflects how effective the rented bot is.

For the first acquaintance with our platform, we introduced a special offer - MiniBot 5 NFS. This bot is provided without any rental payment, and allows you to test the system with a minimum trade balance without putting your funds at serious risk. Rental of this robot is allowed up to five times (but only three simultaneously active instances at the same time), which allows you to fully appreciate the uniqueness of our platform and gain the skill to manage it.

If you feel more confident with our platform - you can start with StandartBot 10 NFS which is available right after registration. After you complete at least one lifecycle of StandartBot - you gain access to ProBot 15 NFS. And finally after one lifecycle of ProBot 15 NFS you'll be able to rent our most advanced NetPremium 40 NFS and can use the full power of our neural network to get a stable income!

Ready to start trading?

1. Top up the balance of your personal account and go to the “RENT NEW TRADE BOT” section,

2. Select the slots available to rent and get the robot you are interested in. After processing the application, the bot will be available on your Trade panel,

3. Top up the trading balance of the robot. The robot starts working automatically after getting money on the trade balance!

Remember: adding funds to the trade balance is possible only before you start the bot!

At the end of the rental term, the trade balance will be automatically transferred to your personal account in your platform account, and the slot will be available to get again.

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How to earn?

Have you found the bot you like? Time to open an account on deepTradeBot platform and watch our video tutorial where we will show you all the details on how to quickly activate the bot and launch the automated AI trading that will bring you stable daily profit!

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Payment methods

Use any of the four cryptocurrencies mentioned below to rent the robot you prefer:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash