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deepTradeBot Club is a unique place where the combination of AI technologies and MLM business will bring you to the top of success and prosperity. Unleash your full potential in multi-level marketing and leadership with the most powerful tool from our trading company

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Welcome to join deepTradeBot MLM Club, and take advantage of our smart and beneficial multi-level marketing system. Build your own MLM structure and open access to free bots with higher profitability and the number of additional bonuses. Meet deepTradeBot MLM Club CEO, Charles Hardy, with the Club video presentation


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The rental price of all Club trading bots is included in the Club membership fee in the amount of 25 USD. Thus all Club bots rental is free for all Club members.

Try your hand in MLM activity



  • 7 Invite Codes
  • Club Bots FREE access
  • Up to 65% Reward
  • 24/7 Support

Use your leadership at its top



  • 12 Invite Codes
  • Club Bots FREE access
  • Up to 75% Reward
  • 24/7 Support

Unleash your full MLM potential



  • 27 Invite Codes
  • Club Bots FREE access
  • Up to 85% Reward
  • Personal Support Manager
TOP-6 Advantages of Being a deepTradeBot Leader

deepTradeBot Club is a unique solution for these traders who aim to build their multi-level structures at the platform. If you’re seeking for additional financial and leadership opportunities the Club is the perfect way to reach your goals, and that's why:

  • 7 Lines Structure

    A unique opportunity to get up to 85% reward from the structure

  • Affiliate % boosted

    Up to 10.3% from all Club affiliate downlines bot refills

  • 24/7 VIP Support

    Your support requests will always get the highest priority

  • Club Bots

    As a Club Member you will have wider range of bots to rent

  • Additional Bonuses

    Receive bonuses for your personal structure turnover

  • Achievement system

    Enjoy special rewards for your personal results, be the best and earn more

Club Bots

All the Club Members are able to select from 4 additional trading bots with exclusive rental conditions that are available for the club participants only. All the products have 0 rental price and are provided for free:

ClubJunior 5+ NFS

Free! Rental price

  • Rental term: 30 Days
  • Minimal balance: 15 - 300 USD*
  • Daily profit: 0.591% - 0.701% **

ClubMaster 10+ NFS

Free! Rental price

  • Rental term: 60 Days
  • Minimal balance: 45 - 800 USD*
  • Daily profit: 0.69% - 0.732% **

ClubPro 15+ NFS

Free! Rental price

  • Rental term: 60 Days
  • Minimal balance: 100 - 3000 USD*
  • Daily profit: 0.815% - 1.12% **

ClubPremium 40+ NFS

Free! Rental price

  • Rental term: 45 Days
  • Minimal balance: 1000 - 15000 USD*
  • Daily profit: 1.31% - 1.62% **

* - Please remember that cryptocurrency amounts are calculated during the transaction pre-processing by internal system rates.
** - Information on Bot trading results is regularly collected to provide the up to date statistical profitability information.

Calculate your profit

Use the calculator below to predict your Club membership fee profit depending on your Club package and members filling each line:

Membership package

Total structure reward

$0.00 *

Members on Line 1

Line 1 reward

$0.00 *

Members on Line 2

Line 2 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 3

Line 3 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 4

Line 4 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 5

Line 5 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 6

Line 6 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 7

Line 7 reward

$0.00 *
* - The amounts you see are calculated assuming that all members in your structure are buying "Classic" package. With more advanced packages in your structure, your profit will be even above the estimated.

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Want to become a deepTradeBot Club Member? Welcome to fill in the form you see on the right. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about your MLM experience and your achievements in this field of activity. Remember that the more detailed information you provide in your CV the more chances you will have to receive the Club Membership invitation. We will review your application within forty eight working hours and provide you with our decision or will additionally contact you to go over the details of your MLM background. Waiting for your application!