How to withdraw bot trading balance?

Your bot rental term is over and you would like to withdraw your trading funds to rent another bot? No problem! Below you will find an illustrated step-by-step manual of the trading balance withdrawal procedure.

Please remember that trading balance could be withdrawn only from complete/expired bots. Active bots cannot be stopped or cancelled, their trading balances cannot be changed.

Step 1: Find your trading bots list

Go to your Dashboard, click the Trade button, and select the Trade panel in the dropdown menu;

Step 2: Find your complete/expired bot

You will see the list of all your bots (active and complete/expired) above. The complete/expired bots with active balance look like that:

Step 3: Withdraw trading balance

Once you have found the bot you need, click the Statistics button. You will see your total bot trade profit, and the Trade balance below. Now click the green "Withdraw trade balance" button to withdraw this bot Trade balance to your wallet:

Step 4: Find your trading bots list

Once you click the button, your bot balance will be immediately transferred to your internal wallet, and you will be able to withdraw it immediately or to rent and refill another bot.

Your complete/expired bot’s statistics will still be available to review, but the withdrawal button will disappear, and the Trade balance will be 0.00 ; If you see such a bot in your list, it means you have already withdrawn this bot’s balance:

Still have questions? Use the chat window of the website to ask our support bot your questions! Or just drop us a message to [email protected] - our support team is always ready to help you!