How to start making money at deepTradeBot?

Aren't you a trader? No issue! Here's a short 4 steps instruction for a beginner on how to launch deepTradeBot trading bots and start earning. The entire process will take you just 5-10 minutes of your time!

Come to and select your language in the top right corner of the website. Now when you're comfortable to use it - pass FREE registration.

Ready now?
Okey, let's move further and start make your money!

Open your platform wallet, choose the currency which you'd like to use for trading, click 'Refill' button in the currency row.

You'll see a chosen cryptocurrency address. Any amount you send to this address will be deposited on your wallet.

Click 'Rent Bot' button on your Dashboard

Choose your Bot and Bot refill currency, and click 'Rent Bot' button

In the bot rental confirmation window click 'Refill Now' button, choose refill currency, enter the trade account refill amount and click 'Refill Trade Balance' button.

Within an hour your new bot will start trading and you'll start receiving profit into your wallet on the platform. You will be able to withdraw it anytime by clicking the 'withdraw' button in your wallet section:

Need demonstration?

If you need a real case demonstration of the workflow - please watch our professional video tutorial below

Still have questions? Use the chat window of the website to ask our support bot your questions! Or just drop us a message to [email protected] - our support team is always ready to help you!