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Enjoy MLM opportunities in the AI trading world

deepTradeBot Club is a unique solution for these traders who aim to build their multi-level structures at the platform.

If you’re seeking for additional financial opportunities the Club is the perfect way to reach your goals.

Once you become a Club Member, your structure is immediately expanded to 7 lines with the maximum reward of 27.00% from the 1st line partners, depending on the package you select. You will also get an access to the unique Club Bots with much more advantageous percentage, that are only available for club members.

One more advantage is receiving an increased percentage from the regular affiliate program new downlines: if you’re a Club Member you will earn 3.50% , 1.80%, 1.30% and 0.80% from your new non-club downlines instead of the standard percentage offered within the Affiliate Program.

If you’re ready to start you are welcome to select from 3 Packages: Classic, Pro and VIP.

To select the most suitable one please click the following button to learn the rules and conditions:

deepTradeBot Club Terms & Conditions

Appendix A. the deepTradeBot Club membership fees and membership packages

Club packageMembership feeInvitation codes Included
Classic149.00 USD7 codes
Pro249.00 USD12 codes
VIP500.00 USD27 codes

deepTradeBot Club restricts the first line members count. This means that you can create limited count of Club invitation codes. These numbers you can see in the table above.

Appendix B - the distribution of rewards for attracting Club members according to membership levels and packages

1 Line21.00%24.00%27.00%
2 Line17.00%19.00%20.00%
3 Line11.00%12.00%14.00%
4 Line7.00%8.00%9.00%
5 Line5.00%6.00%7.00%
6 Line3.00%4.00%5.00%
7 Line1.00%2.00%3.00%

The Club membership fee is distributed between Club members depending on their packages. The distribution percentage you can find in the table above. Please remember that lifetime Club Bots rental fee in amount of $25 USD is deducted from the membership fee before it gets distributed between Club members.

Appendix C - the ClubBots product line, their rental terms and statistical information

Click info button for view rental rules and trade statistics

PowerTrade Balance (min/max)Rental termInfo
ClubJunior 5+ NFS5(+1)
15 USD*/300 USD*30 DaysMore Info
ClubMaster 10+ NFS10(+4)
45 USD*/800 USD*60 DaysMore Info
ClubPro 15+ NFS15(+8)
100 USD*/3000 USD*60 DaysMore Info
ClubPremium 40+ NFS40(+5)
1000 USD*/15000 USD*45 DaysMore Info

The rental price of all Club trading bots is included in the Club membership fee in the amount of 25 USD. Thus all Club bots rental is free for all Club members.

* - Please remember that cryptocurrency amounts are calculated during the transaction pre-processing by internal system rates.

Please select desired club package

Membership fee:
149.00 USD


Membership fee:
249.00 USD


Membership fee:
500.00 USD

deepTradeBot Club reward calculator

Use the calculator below to predict your Club membership fee profit depending on your Club package and members filling each line:

Membership package

Total structure reward

$0.00 *

Members on Line 1

Line 1 reward

$0.00 *

Members on Line 2

Line 2 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 3

Line 3 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 4

Line 4 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 5

Line 5 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 6

Line 6 reward

$0.00 *

Club members filling Line 7

Line 7 reward

$0.00 *
* - The amounts you see are calculated assuming that all members in your structure are buying "Classic" package. With more advanced packages in your structure, your profit will be even above the estimated.

deepTradeBot Club promotional materials

We're glad to proudly provide you our presentation materials which are intended to help you promoting your services and our deepTradeBot Club.