Make stable passive income from trading. The power of artificial intelligence on the guard of your success

DeepTradeBot Operation Algorithm

We bring to your attention a trading robot that functionality is based on deep machine learning neural networks and multiplied by the power of cloud computing using BigData technology:

  • Analyse stock price changes

    To maximize profits, our robot analyzes up to a hundred times per minute the slightest changes in rates on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Select profitable combinations

    Using neural network algorithms, the robot selects the most profitable combinations at the time of the transaction

  • Make deals using AI

    The transaction is made instantly, thanks to the receipt of trading signals directly from the server, which allows you to maximise the Winrate

What makes it work?

We have trained and continue to train the neural network of our robot by using the historical data on changes in cryptocurrency rates throughout the history of the first exchange

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Key to success

High Winrate

It takes at least 0.1 second to transmit a signal via the API which the other robots, or even a web-socket, use to work. During this time, the Winrate is reduced by 40%. The secret to achieving a high Winrate score for our AI is to receive trading signals directly from the exchange server

Improved interface

You just need to log in your personal account, top up your balance, select a trading bot, and enjoy saving on commissions, higher funds turnover, a larger Winrate and profitability

Savings on commissions

While earning by arbitrage trading with us, you will not pay for the transfer of cryptocurrencies and fiat funds from one trading platform to another, just to make a balance between your accounts. You also no longer have to wait for funds to be credited; for endless confirmations of withdrawals and deposits from the exchanges, wasting your time and money

Trading Bots to rent

We offer a flexible Bot rental system based on computing power and the number of currency pairs used for trading

MiniBot 5 NFS

Free! Rental Price

  • 5 NeuroFLOPS*
  • 4(+4) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 30 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 15USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 250USD*
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StandartBot 10 NFS

10 USD* Rental Price

  • 10(+2) NeuroFLOPS*
  • 6(+4) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 60 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 45USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 700USD*
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ProBot 15 NFS

25 USD* Rental Price

  • 15(+5) NeuroFLOPS*
  • 8(+6) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 90 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 100USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 2500USD*
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NetPremium 40 NFS

45 USD* Rental Price

  • 40(+5) NeuroFLOPS*
  • 12(+6) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 60 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 1000USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 10000USD*
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PromoEasyBot 7 NFS

Free! Rental Price

  • 7 NeuroFLOPS*
  • 6(+2) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 30 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 15USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 250USD*
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PromoMasterBot 12+ NFS

Free! Rental Price

  • 12(+6) NeuroFLOPS*
  • 6(+6) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 45 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 45USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 500USD*
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PromoPremiumSprintBot 15+ NFS

Free! Rental Price

  • 15(+7) NeuroFLOPS*
  • 8(+8) Trading Pairs
  • Rental Term: 60 Days
  • Minimal trade balance: 250USD*
  • Maximal trade balance: 5000USD*
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Ready to start trading?

1. Top up the balance of your personal account and go to the “RENT NEW TRADE BOT” section,

2. Select the slots available to rent and get the robot you are interested in. After processing the application, the bot will be available on your Trade panel,

3. Top up the trading balance of the robot. The robot starts working automatically after getting money on the trade balance!

Remember: adding funds to the trade balance is possible only before you start the bot!

At the end of the rental term, the trade balance will be automatically transferred to your personal account in your platform account, and the slot will be available to get again.

How to start? Rent a Bot

How to earn?

Have you found the bot you like? Time to open an account on deepTradeBot platform and watch our video tutorial where we will show you all the details on how to quickly activate the bot and launch the automated AI trading that will bring you stable daily profit!

Cannot watch the video? Click "How to start" to read the textual manual

How to start? Open account

Are you a novice trader?

To start earning money, you need to rent a minimum package and use its example to study the capabilities of the system and the subtleties of its operation. To make it easier to determine the power, we have introduced an aggregate unit that reflects the performance of computing power related to a neural network - NeuroFLOPS. It makes it possible to get an idea of ​​the effectiveness of various modifications of our artificial intelligence

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deepTradeBot platform never stops there. Our team keeps working on the development of the most powerful AI trading solution of today: bots get more power and better algorithms, the website frontend gains new features and functions. Meet the detailed Roadmap of our extension plans:

  • Bots Add-ons
    Meet the trading bots' add-ons that will give you a unique opportunity to temporarily boost your bots’ power and capabilities
    4th quarter
  • Affiliate statistics
    Partnership program statistics improvement: account totals and partners financial totals
    4th quarter
  • Trading reports
    Till the end of the year wait for personal trade reports on your Dashboard. Monitor your bots' activity and trading results every day
    4th quarter

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Payment methods

Use any of the four cryptocurrencies mentioned below to rent the robot you prefer:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash

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Still have a question? You’re welcome to reach our team of highly experienced experts using the contact information you see below or the chat window you see in the lower right corner of the website. After having sent your message you will receive a response as soon as possible